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2nd November 2004

kari_r_horn2:44pm: I'm from a lincoln...Lincoln, alabama...Its a really small place...and i hate it here. We got a mcdonalds a few years back...and a few other eating joints. Thats about it.

24th March 2004

broadwaybitch1:52am: Hey Guys......
Im looking for a roomate for next year (or starting april 30)
3 bedroom in capitol beach...
only two people, so there will be an office/guest room....garage...
300 plus utilities...
e mail me...

18th February 2004

michelangela8:02pm: Hello. I'm working under a new LJ ID now. Same person, new screen name!

(formerly Aibyouka)

26th November 2003

aibyouka1:04am: sorry guys, didn't want to confuse anyone...new name at the top of this page, but it's still the same person...ME!! ^_^

4th August 2003

aibyouka7:29pm: Well, this community was deleted for a while, but it's back now, so I hope someone shows up soon! And welcome to anyone who stops by!

2nd September 2002

aibyouka10:14pm: Not a whole lot happened tonight. Labor Day. Made too much potato salad, so I get to take that with for lunch tomorrow between classes.

Lots of places in Lincoln were pretty quiet tonight.
Current Mood: bored

1st September 2002

aibyouka9:45am: Hello to all. Hope you have fun here!

Current Mood: calm
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